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Holly Betz | 06/29/15

When you plan your new backyard, include an outdoor tv in the plans.

Chad Tannehill | 06/28/15

Our outside televisions have a super enhanced picture contrast so you can see it clearly in the sun light. You won't find a better outdoor tv at a better price than the ones we offer.

Adriana Dancea | 06/26/15

How about watching your favorite shows while you exercise in your backyard.

Faith Cullens | 06/24/15

The majority of LED TVs have faster response times when downloading movies and games.

Dea Mcbride | 06/24/15

You can hang an outdoor tv over your barbeque and watch while you enjoy time with your family outside. Many bars with patios have installed our televisions outside so patrons can watch sporting events.

Cecelia Chapman | 06/23/15

We offer an attractive outdoor television that can be left out in the elements. You can hook up video games to your outdoor tv and entertain the entire family.

Anja Bali | 06/23/15

There is no need to build a tv ourselves when there are major manufacturers who know how to do it best. You can put an outdoor tv outside for children's parties and occupy them for hours.

Art Rodriguez | 06/23/15

The brightness of our televisions make it possible to see them clearly outside. We use state of the art televisions to turn them into outdoor televisions.

Greg Rainer | 06/21/15

Watching tv poolside with a weather proof tv can be great fun.

Amy Grace | 06/21/15

They will withstand sub freezing temperatures and heet up to 145 degrees. You can have the kids over for movie night in the backyard when you buy one of our 65 inch tvs.

Barbara Martin | 06/20/15

We have a specially designed, adjustable clear vinyl cover to protect the inputs and outputs of your outdoor television.

Cecilia Welch | 06/18/15

You can even putt on your own backyard putting green and watch tv at the same time.

Gwen Lawson | 06/18/15

You can mount our outdoor tvs to the patio of your restaurant and broadcast the Superbowl, the World Series and the World Cup games.

Adda Bailey | 06/17/15

Some of our outdoor tvs have 3D capability as well.

Allen Brenner | 06/15/15

You can mount our tvs outdoors over your pool or barbeque.

Dana Tasi | 06/15/15

We offer televisions with built in wi-fi for internet browsing outdoors.

Barbara Thorsen | 06/15/15

You can order an outdoor television online any time, day or night.

Carla Buck | 06/15/15

You can watch your favorite reality shows while sitting in your backyard.

Casey Arriaga | 06/14/15

Our outdoor water resistant tvs are made to withstand rain and wind. We sell the most affordable outdoor tvs online.

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flat screen tv: When you plan your new backyard, include an outdoor tv in the plans.
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