Flat Screen Tv

Cynthia Davis | 09/17/14

You can even putt on your own backyard putting green and watch tv at the same time.

Carol Ball | 09/16/14

If you mount our outdoor televisions in the direct sun, there may be times when you'll need to move positions to see them best.

Debra Carter | 09/15/14

We have been in business since 2004 and developed the world's first outdoor weather resistant flat screen tv.

Dean Family | 09/13/14

When you plan your new backyard, include an outdoor tv in the plans.

Donna Baughman | 09/12/14

One of the most prominent advantages to the LED TV is the small size.

Cathy Chmielewski | 09/11/14

You can put an outdoor tv outside for children's parties and occupy them for hours.

Cynthia Pieper | 09/10/14

Our outdoor tvs have an ambient brightness control so you can adjust the picture according to the sunlight. Many bars with patios have installed our televisions outside so patrons can watch sporting events.

Barbara Materese | 09/10/14

You can have the kids over for movie night in the backyard when you buy one of our 65 inch tvs.

Doug Zamira | 09/08/14

You can mount our tvs outdoors over your pool or barbeque.

Cynthia Payne | 09/08/14

Our outdoor tvs come with special fans that cool them in the summer heat.

Ellen Climo | 09/07/14

Our outdoor lcd tvs are made to be water resistant.

Art Rodriguez | 09/05/14

We use a wireless signal transmission to give you the best outdoor picture possible.

Barbara Bosselet | 09/04/14

They will withstand sub freezing temperatures and heet up to 145 degrees. The brightness and contrast of our pictures can't be beat when it comes to outdoor television technology.

Gail Dahl | 09/04/14

You can watch our weather proof televisions in the rain or snow.

Cynthia Szafraniec | 09/03/14

The reputable TV manufacturers guarantee a hundred thousand hours lifespan for LED TVs.

Irene Brown | 09/03/14

We use the best LED LCD flat screen technology and alter it to be weather resistant.

Faye Scheff | 09/03/14

Watching tv poolside with a weather proof tv can be great fun.

Glenn Cox | 09/01/14

The majority of LED TVs have faster response times when downloading movies and games. We have installed outdoor flat screens on the decks of boats.

Duff Family | 08/30/14

You can use our outdoor tv to broadcast commercials for your business on your building.

Catrina Elia | 08/30/14

You won't find a better outdoor tv at a better price than the ones we offer.

Felicia Freil | 08/30/14

You can order an outdoor tv online or call and talk to us to place your order.

Anml Actors | 08/28/14

Our outside televisions have a super enhanced picture contrast so you can see it clearly in the sun light.

Hubbard Family | 08/27/14

You can hang an outdoor tv over your barbeque and watch while you enjoy time with your family outside. We use state of the art televisions to turn them into outdoor televisions.

Barbara Hanby | 08/26/14

Keep track of our kids by putting a flat screen LCD TV in your backyard.

Berneice Camp | 08/24/14

We use major brands like Sony, Vizio and Samsung to make the finest outdoor televisions.

Belinda Wilson | 08/23/14

Watching tv outside is hard to do if you don't have a tv that's made specifically to be watched outside.

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