Flat Screen Tv

Carol Burns | 06/01/15

The accuracy in backlighting for colored pictures is also better with LED TVs than it is with LCD TVs.

Anne Marvak | 05/30/15

We use the best LED LCD flat screen technology and alter it to be weather resistant.

Beth Gandia | 05/28/15

You can watch the kids playing in the backyard while you watch your favorite tv shows.

Dawn Wallace | 05/28/15

You can watch your favorite reality shows while sitting in your backyard.

Alma Lambert | 05/28/15

You can have the kids over for movie night in the backyard when you buy one of our 65 inch tvs. You can watch our weather proof televisions in the rain or snow.

Gene Carnicom | 05/27/15

We have been in business since 2004 and developed the world's first outdoor weather resistant flat screen tv.

Cynthia Hill | 05/27/15

You can show movies on our outdoor tvs to entertain your guests.

Jackie Mallett | 05/27/15

You can mount our tvs outdoors over your pool or barbeque.

Diane Barrentine | 05/27/15

All of our outside TVs come with a remote control and a water proof tv cover.

Alexandra Wentworth | 05/27/15

You can put an outdoor tv outside for children's parties and occupy them for hours.

Jacinta Cabrgl | 05/26/15

When you plan your new backyard, include an outdoor tv in the plans. Outdoor TVs are used by restaurants and bars to keep customers longer.

Dean Family | 05/24/15

The most obvious advantage that Led TV has over a traditional LCD TV is the picture quality. LED TVs use considerably less power than other TVs.

Anja Bali | 05/24/15

We have a specially designed, adjustable clear vinyl cover to protect the inputs and outputs of your outdoor television.

Jack Harris | 05/22/15

Wouldn't it be great to watch your favorite Wimbledon match while sipping a drink by the pool.

Gail Mavar | 05/22/15

We use state of the art televisions to turn them into outdoor televisions.

Cindy Carroll | 05/21/15

Our outdoor lcd tvs are made to be water resistant. We sell the most affordable outdoor tvs online.

Duff Family | 05/20/15

The brightness and contrast of our pictures can't be beat when it comes to outdoor television technology.

Gail Maclean | 05/18/15

Casinos love our outdoor flat screens because they keep customers coming back.

Debra Cline | 05/17/15

You can even putt on your own backyard putting green and watch tv at the same time.

Evan Walsh | 05/16/15

Our special design protects the inner workings of the tv from the wind, rain and even snow.

Dennis Patterson | 05/14/15

Our outdoor tvs come with special fans that cool them in the summer heat.

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