Flat Screen Tv

Allen Claybaugh | 02/27/15

We use major brands like Sony, Vizio and Samsung to make the finest outdoor televisions.

Barbara Kogut | 02/26/15

You can hook up video games to your outdoor tv and entertain the entire family.

Alexandra Beuscher | 02/26/15

The brightness and contrast of our pictures can't be beat when it comes to outdoor television technology.

Anna Taylor | 02/26/15

You will be the envy of the neighborhood when you invite everyone over for a barbeque and sports television in your backyard.

Diana Collins | 02/24/15

The brightness of our televisions make it possible to see them clearly outside.

Gary Lauten | 02/24/15

Our outdoor water resistant tvs are made to withstand rain and wind.

Cyhthia Sprong | 02/22/15

Casinos love our outdoor flat screens because they keep customers coming back. We offer televisions with built in wi-fi for internet browsing outdoors.

Alan Rasmussen | 02/22/15

Our LCD flat screens look just like the tv you have in your family room, except you and keep them outdoors.

Erin Mclean | 02/21/15

Our outdoor tvs come with special fans that cool them in the summer heat.

Jacinta Adamson | 02/21/15

Our outdoor lcd tvs are made to be water resistant.

Barbara Litke | 02/20/15

Watching tv outside is hard to do if you don't have a tv that's made specifically to be watched outside. The accuracy in backlighting for colored pictures is also better with LED TVs than it is with LCD TVs.

Debi Mcginnis | 02/20/15

You can mount our outdoor tvs to the patio of your restaurant and broadcast the Superbowl, the World Series and the World Cup games.

Felicia Mueller | 02/20/15

Wouldn't it be great to watch your favorite Wimbledon match while sipping a drink by the pool.

Emrick Soltis | 02/19/15

You can use our outdoor tv to broadcast commercials for your business on your building.

Brian Andreychek | 02/19/15

You won't find a better outdoor tv at a better price than the ones we offer.

Cynthia Metty | 02/17/15

They will withstand sub freezing temperatures and heet up to 145 degrees. You can even putt on your own backyard putting green and watch tv at the same time.

Carla Bromstad | 02/16/15

You can put an outdoor tv outside for children's parties and occupy them for hours.

Chad Tannehill | 02/16/15

Your family will love to be outside and able to watch their favorite TV shows.

Cynthia Peltier | 02/15/15

The reputable TV manufacturers guarantee a hundred thousand hours lifespan for LED TVs.

Carol Augustine | 02/15/15

We have been in business since 2004 and developed the world's first outdoor weather resistant flat screen tv.

Annie Boyd | 02/15/15

You can watch our weather proof televisions in the rain or snow.

Chris Burle | 02/15/15

Outdoor TVs are used by restaurants and bars to keep customers longer.

Domenic Dimambro | 02/14/15

There is no need to build a tv ourselves when there are major manufacturers who know how to do it best.

Edward Hornkohl | 02/14/15

You can hang an outdoor tv over your barbeque and watch while you enjoy time with your family outside.

Cheryl Skinner | 02/14/15

We have a specially designed, adjustable clear vinyl cover to protect the inputs and outputs of your outdoor television.

Haley Cunningham | 02/13/15

You can show movies on our outdoor tvs to entertain your guests.

Dawn Harvey | 02/11/15

Many bars with patios have installed our televisions outside so patrons can watch sporting events.

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