Flat Screen Tv

Diane Carman | 03/01/15

We sell the most affordable outdoor tvs online.

Dawn Mcintosh | 02/27/15

Our special design protects the inner workings of the tv from the wind, rain and even snow.

Barbara Parisi | 02/26/15

Our outdoor tvs have an ambient brightness control so you can adjust the picture according to the sunlight.

Betty Barnette | 02/26/15

Our outdoor lcd tvs are made to be water resistant.

April Brodeur | 02/26/15

The brightness and contrast of our pictures can't be beat when it comes to outdoor television technology. They will withstand sub freezing temperatures and heet up to 145 degrees.

Andrea Hicken | 02/25/15

We use a wireless signal transmission to give you the best outdoor picture possible.

Eve Chassereau | 02/25/15

A weatherproof television can make your home the party house.

Donna Allgood | 02/23/15

How about watching your favorite shows while you exercise in your backyard.

Barbara Roseman | 02/22/15

Casinos love our outdoor flat screens because they keep customers coming back.

Betty Bailey | 02/20/15

You can hook up video games to your outdoor tv and entertain the entire family.

Alyssa May | 02/19/15

We specialize in weatherizing brand name tvs to turn them into outdoor television sets.

Barbara Lajeunesse | 02/17/15

You can hang an outdoor tv over your barbeque and watch while you enjoy time with your family outside.

David Andrade | 02/15/15

Wouldn't it be great to watch your favorite Wimbledon match while sipping a drink by the pool.

Haley Cunningham | 02/14/15

We use major brands like Sony, Vizio and Samsung to make the finest outdoor televisions.

Allen Claybaugh | 02/12/15

We use state of the art televisions to turn them into outdoor televisions.

Dolly Arons | 02/12/15

You can put an outdoor tv outside for children's parties and occupy them for hours. Outdoor TVs are used by restaurants and bars to keep customers longer.

Antonia Arroyo | 02/12/15

You can watch the kids playing in the backyard while you watch your favorite tv shows.

Clarence Schmitz | 02/10/15

One of the most prominent advantages to the LED TV is the small size.

Adair Borba | 02/09/15

You will be the envy of the neighborhood when you invite everyone over for a barbeque and sports television in your backyard.

Cynthia Davis | 02/09/15

We offer an attractive outdoor television that can be left out in the elements.

Carla Creighton | 02/08/15

You can have the kids over for movie night in the backyard when you buy one of our 65 inch tvs.

Cynthia Metty | 02/08/15

You can watch your favorite reality shows while sitting in your backyard.

Aaron Amshoff | 02/07/15

Watching tv poolside with a weather proof tv can be great fun.

Dina Schweitzer | 02/05/15

Keep track of our kids by putting a flat screen LCD TV in your backyard.

Barbara Grajewski | 02/03/15

You can even putt on your own backyard putting green and watch tv at the same time.

Jack Harris | 02/03/15

The majority of LED TVs have faster response times when downloading movies and games.

Harry Brown | 02/03/15

We use the best LED LCD flat screen technology and alter it to be weather resistant.

Anna Hamburg | 02/01/15

Some of our outdoor tvs have 3D capability as well.

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